Thanks for visiting my website I hope you enjoyed viewing my art work in the gallery.

First of id like to apologise for my lack of photographic skills David Bailey im not..

I’ve been tattooing a number of years and specialise in freehand work. After a chance meeting with John Capon I found my self helping out in the studio talking to customers and doing drawings this was the beginning of my tattooing career Since then I have been able to work at some great convention the highlight of which was Dunstable which was always attended by the best tattooists in the world.

Other conventions we worked included Bologna in Italy various ones in England and not forgetting the best crack of all Belfast International in Northern Ireland
Which we worked many times and were so well looked after by Vic and Sandra
Working these opened up great opportunities for me. At this time I was also helping to organise ART ATTACK Tattoo Convention with john and the crew we met some great people that have now become great friends.

This lead to me working abroad for Massimo at Aother Tattoo studio in the heart of Rome this was a fantastic place, full of inspiration and glorious art and architecture
Massimo also invited me to his other studio in Tenerife where I enjoyed the sun and the sea. Next I found my self in the heart of Bavaria working for Mona at the Down Under tattoo studio in Munich, where I won best large tattoo at the Tattoo and Bike show Munich 2001.
All of these great experiences have given me the chance to study and learn many aspects of tattooing in many wonderful places